Last week, we reviewed our shipping extensions to help you develop a better understanding of which of our premium OpenCart shipping extensions is right for your OpenCart store. We received multiple requests to showcase the front end features of Advanced Shipping PRO, so this week’s post is going to delve deeper into this functionality. If you would like us to focus on a certain area of OpenCart or have a question you would like addressed on the blog, please contact us – the OpenCart Addons Blog is for you, after all!

Advanced Shipping PRO features the added functionality to assign a shipping image to your rates, as well as shipping instructions, both visible in the front end of OpenCart. Although optional, we strongly recommend customizing your Shipping Name and adding Shipping Instructions. This offers customers a more streamlined experience in your OpenCart store, and also provides them with more information on their shipping options, allowing them to make a more informed decision for their shipping selection.

Overview of the Checkout Display

The checkout display in Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to assign the Shipping Name, Shipping Instructions, Shipping Image, and Shipping Image Size.

Overview of Advanced Shipping PRO checkout display

Shipping Name: Shipping name is important to allow customers to distinguish between shipping options. If left blank, the shipping rate will default to “Advanced Shipping PRO”.

Shipping Instructions: Shipping Instructions provides customers with the typical timeframe it takes for an order to arrive via the selected shipping method.

Shipping Image: The Shipping Image is great for recreating carrier rates in Advanced Shipping PRO, or even customizing your shipping rates to feature your OpenCart store’s logo.

Shipping Image Size: Although you can set the image size to whatever you would like, we recommend keeping your image at 50 x 50 pixels.

How about an example?

Featured below, we set up 2 shipping rates; standard shipping via UPS, and express shipping via FedEx. For simplicity’s sake, we set up very simple shipping rates; $5 for standard shipping, and $12 for express shipping

Shipping Rate #1 – Standard Shipping via UPS
Our Standard Shipping rate informs customers that their order will arrive in 3-5 business days, and features the UPS logo, letting customers know that UPS will be delivering their order.

Standard Shipping setup in Advanced Shipping PRO for OpenCart

Shipping Rate #2 – Express Shipping via FedEx
Our Express Shipping rate informs customers that their order will arrive in 1-3 business days, and features the FedEx Express logo, letting customers know that FedEx will be delivering their order.

Express shipping setup in Advanced Shipping PRO for OpenCart

Front end view of Standard Shipping & Express Shipping
When the customer is in the checkout process, the Standard & Express Shipping options will display as shown in the example below.

Front end view of shipping options in Advanced Shipping PRO for OpenCart

By simply setting a custom Shipping Name, Shipping Instructions, and Shipping Image, your customers are provided with a very clear overview of their shipping options.  When you put in this added effort, your OpenCart store appears more professional, and provides customers with a more positive view of your business. With shipping being an integral and necessary part of your OpenCart store, why not customize your OpenCart shipping to your store’s unique needs?

If you would like to learn more about Advanced Shipping PRO, head over to the official OpenCart Addons extension store for the complete description, screenshots, and a full demo.