If you’re anything like us, you learn best by example. We have created a series of tutorials for our full suite of premium OpenCart shipping extensions to provide you with a better understanding of how to properly set up shipping rates for your OpenCart store.

Advanced Shipping PRO has the ability to pull in shipping costs from other shipping extensions, such as live rates from shipping carrier(s). With this integration, you are able to set your shipping rates in a carrier(s) of your choice, and use Advanced Shipping PRO to add handling fees, min & max shipping costs, & restrict the rates based on your choice of 39 dynamic Requirements.

Integrating Rates in Advanced Shipping PRO

Integrating your shipping rates from other shipping extensions into Advanced Shipping PRO is incredibly easy and only requires 3 simple steps. The following works for pulling in any shipping rates;

Step 1

Set up the shipping extension that you will be using to pull in shipping costs from into Advanced Shipping PRO.  The shipping extension must be fully setup and working in order for Advanced Shipping PRO to correctly pull shipping costs.

Step 2

Under Shipping Calculation in Advanced Shipping PRO, select the shipping extension you would like to integrate with Advanced Shipping PRO under Other Shipping Methods.

Integrating other shipping methods in Advanced Shipping PRO is simple

Step 3

Define which Shipping Method you would like to integrate into Advanced Shipping PRO.

Note: it is not necessary to use the exact shipping name. However, if you have multiple shipping methods with similar names, use the full Shipping Method name to ensure Advanced Shipping PRO pulls in the correct shipping method cost.

Select your shipping method to integrate into Advanced Shipping PRO