Quantity Based Shipping PRO by OpenCart Addons step-by-step extension tutorial

If you’re anything like us, you learn best by example. We have created a series of tutorials for our full suite of premium OpenCart shipping extensions to provide you with a better understanding of how to properly set up shipping rates for your OpenCart store.

We set up all rates using Advanced Shipping PRO (ASPRO), with the exception of the Per Product Shipping tutorial. If you are interested in one of our “lite” shipping extensions, the rate setup will follow the same format. To learn more about the difference between ASPRO and our “lite” shipping extensions, please review our Shipping Extension Cheat Sheet.

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Shipping Scenario

Amelia Wallace sells designer jewelry for discounted prices. She offers different promos throughout her OpenCart shop to encourage customers to purchase more. Amelia has decided to offer quantity based shipping discounts for her North American customers to increase her units per transaction (UPT). Shipping costs are as follows:

Amelia's Shipping Rates for Advanced Shipping PRO by OpenCart Addons

How Amelia Wallace Set Up Her Rates

Checkout Display

Amelia has set her Shipping Name to “Shipping”, as her North American Rates cover 3 different shipping costs. If left blank, her Shipping Name would default to “Advanced Shipping PRO”. To promote her quantity based shipping discounts, she input the message (enjoy $2.00 shipping on orders over 10 items) in the Shipping Instructions to remind customers of her shipping promotion. Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to set a custom Shipping Image to provide customers with a more thorough and customized checkout experience. In Amelia’s case, she used her company’s logo as her Shipping Image.

The Checkout Display in Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to customize the customer's checkout process


As this shipping rate is only available to Amelia’s North American customers, she has ensured to only select North America as her Geo Zone.

Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to set your shipping rates per specific geozone

Shipping Calculation

Amelia is using ASPRO, so she selected Cart Quantity from the Shipping Cost Based On drop down menu. If she had purchased Quantity Based Shipping PRO, the system would automatically calculate the shipping cost based on cart quantity. She has selected US Dollar as her Currency, as her store’s currency is in US dollars. This also allows her to only require one shipping rate for North America, instead of having separate rates based on US or Canadian currency.

Advanced Shipping PRO by OpenCart Addons offers you lots of customization tools under Shipping Calculation; take full control over your OpenCart shipping!

Shipping Rates

As determined earlier, Amelia is charging $14.99 for orders with 3 items or less, $8.99 for orders between 4-9 items, and $2.00 for all orders with 10 or more items in the cart. The ~ signifies infinite, so in the Shipping Rate, ~:2.00 signifies that any orders with 10 or more items will qualify for $2.00 shipping.

Advanced Shipping PRO by OpenCart Addons allows you to set multiple shipping rates


Assuming a customer had 8 items in their cart, the following is what they would see when viewing their shipping options.

The Shipping Instructions in Advanced Shipping PRO allow you to convince a customer to purchase more to save on shipping

Still Stuck?

If there is an aspect of setting up shipping rates you are stuck on, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your question in the comments below.