If you’re anything like us, you learn best by example. We have created a series of tutorials for our full suite of premium OpenCart shipping extensions to provide you with a better understanding of how to properly set up shipping rates for your OpenCart store.

We set up all rates using Advanced Shipping PRO (ASPRO), with the exception of the Per Product Shipping tutorial. If you are interested in one of our “lite” shipping extensions, the rate setup will follow the same format. To learn more about the difference between ASPRO and our “lite” shipping extensions, please review our Shipping Extension Cheat Sheet.

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Shipping Scenario

Henry Willow & Co. sells men’s and ladies apparel and accessories. They have worked out a deal with a shipping courier for Canadian orders and have strategically decided to pass the savings onto their customers, encouraging them to spend more. They will set their shipping rates based on Cart Total, and their Canadian shipping rates are as follows:

Setting up Shipping Rates in Advanced Shipping PRO is very straightforward and easy

How Henry Willow & Co. Set Up Their Rates

Checkout Display

Henry Willow & Co. has set their Shipping Name to “Shipping”, as their Canadian shipping rate covers 3 different shipping costs. To promote customers to spend more, they put the message (Enjoy free shipping on orders over $125) in the Shipping Instructions to remind customers of their shipping promotion. If left blank, the Shipping Name would default to “Advanced Shipping PRO”.  Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to set a custom Shipping Image to provide customers a more thorough checkout experience. In Henry Willow & Co.’s Rate, they used the FedEx logo as their Shipping Image, as their Canadian orders will be shipped via FedEx.

Checkout Display options in Advanced Shipping PRO allow you to customize your rates even further


As this shipping rate is only available to Henry Willow & Co.’s Canadian customers, they have ensured to only select Canada as their Geo Zone.

Setting your shipping rates to specific geozones in Advanced Shipping PRO is easy

Shipping Calculation

Henry Willow & Co. is using ASPRO, so they selected Cart Total from the Shipping Cost Based On drop down menu. If they had purchased Total Based Shipping PRO, the system would automatically calculate the shipping cost based on Cart Total. They have selected Canadian Dollar as their Currency, as this shipping rate is only available to their Canadian customers.

Choose from 14 different rate types for your OpenCart shipping rates

Shipping Rates

As determined earlier, Henry Willow & Co. is charging $7.99 for orders up to $49.99, $5.00 for orders up to $124.99, and all orders over $125 ship free. The ~ signifies infinite, so in the Shipping Rate, ~:0.00 signifies that any amount over $124.99 CAD qualifies for free shipping.

Setting Shipping Rates in Advanced Shipping PRO is incredibly easy when you follow our step-by-step guides


Assuming a Canadian customer had a Cart Total of $67.48, the following is what they will see when viewing their shipping options.

Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to customize what your customers see during checkout

Still Stuck?

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