Weight Based Shipping PRO - Step by Step Tutorial

If you’re anything like us, you learn best by example. We have created a series of tutorials for our full suite of premium OpenCart shipping extensions to provide you with a better understanding of how to properly set up shipping rates for your OpenCart store.

We set up all rates using Advanced Shipping PRO (ASPRO), with the exception of the Per Product Shipping tutorial. If you are interested in one of our “lite” shipping extensions, the rate setup will follow the same format. To learn more about the difference between ASPRO and our “lite” shipping extensions, please review our Shipping Extension Cheat Sheet.

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Shipping Scenario

Frank owns a gardening and landscaping supply store in the Niagara Region, Canada. To increase his business and get a leg up on the local competition, he has decided to open an online store. Since Frank has been in business for over 30 years, he has his own delivery truck that he uses to deliver dirt, sand, and soil to his customers. His truck can only hold 500 pounds per trip, and he charges customers based on product weight. His shipping rates are as follows:

Frank's Weight Based Shipping costs

How Frank Set up His Rates

Checkout Display

Since Frank will be shipping using his own truck for delivery, he has attached a custom shipping logo as his Shipping Image. This lets his customers know that a company truck will be delivering their purchase, and also provides a personal touch that has made him so successful. Even though Frank has his shipping policies listed on his site, he knows that most customers disregard this information and used the Shipping Instructions as another opportunity to inform customers delivery is only available to the Niagara Region.

Frank used a custom designed shipping logo for a personal touch


Frank is only able to deliver to the Niagara Region, so he has selected the Ontario geozone and will be able to further restrict who the shipping rate is available to in the Requirements section. This will be explained further in the tutorial.

Frank has selected Ontario as his geozone, and will narrow down the delivery locations even further in the Requirements section

Shipping Calculation

Frank is using ASPRO, so he selected Cart Weight from the Shipping Cost Based On drop down menu. If he had purchased Weight Based Shipping PRO, the system would automatically calculate shipping based on Weight. Since Frank’s truck can only carry 500 pounds per trip, he has Enabled Split Package. Split package will automatically split the cart weight based on the highest shipping rate set. Since Franks shipping rates only go up to 500 lbs, the cart weight will automatically split at 500 lb intervals.

Frank has Enabled split package as his truck can only hold up to 500 poiunds

Shipping Rates

As determined earlier, Frank is charging $6 for orders up to 100 pounds, $20.00 for orders up to 250 pounds, and $35 for orders up to 500 pounds. If a customer orders 700 pounds worth of product, they will be charged $55 for shipping; $35 for the first 500 pounds, and $20 for the remaining $200 pounds. Setting up your shipping rates can look intimidating at first glance, but it’s actually very simple. There are only 4 formulas to calculate shipping rates:

  1. Flat Rate – value:cost
  2. Percentage – value:cost(%)
  3. Per Unit – value:cost/per
  4. Shipping Rate Fee – Add fee to the end of the shipping rate formula i.e. value:cost+fee

Frank's weight based shipping rates, set up in Advanced Shipping PRO for OpenCart


Frank only delivers to the Niagara Region, so he set his Requirements to restrict the shipping rate to include all cities in the Niagara Region. By comma separating the cities, he only has to set one Requirement.

Advanced Shipping PRO allows you to restrict your shipping rates on a customers city


Assuming a customer had a cart weight of 700 pounds, the following is what they will see when viewing their shipping options during checkout.

Due to the features of ASPRO, Frank was able to offer a custom checkout experience for his shipping rates

Still Stuck?

If there is an aspect of setting up shipping rates you are stuck on, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your question in the comments below.