Let's make OpenCart shipping easy

We sell a wide variety of extensions, modules, and modifications for OpenCart. Our best-selling extensions, however, are our shipping extensions and it’s very easy to understand why. Shipping, by default, is an integral part of an ecommerce business – how else do you get your product to the customer? Although OpenCart does come with shipping functionality, it is very basic and limited in its capabilities, prompting OpenCart users to head to the extension store in search of a better shipping solution.

Lucky for the OpenCart community, Joel has spent hundreds of hours developing our suite of premium shipping extensions. Our shipping extensions include Weight, Total, Quantity, Volume and Dimensional Weight-Based Shipping PRO, along with Per Product Shipping and the star child; Advanced Shipping PRO. Compatible with versions 1.5 & 2.0, we are confident that we offer a shipping solution that will suit your unique needs, but how do you know which shipping extension is right for you?

With Per Product Shipping, you will know right away whether or not you require the shipping functionality it offers. Similar to eBay and Etsy’s shipping system, Per Product Shipping allows you to set shipping costs per product, and set separate shipping costs for additional quantities of each product to help drive your units per transaction. Since a lot of stores have the need for Per Product Shipping as well as other shipping functionality, we have made Per Product Shipping compatible with Advanced Shipping PRO (save 10% when you purchase the combo pack!)

The easiest way to describe Weight, Total, Quantity, Volume and Dimensional Weight-Based Shipping PRO would be to consider them our “lite” shipping extensions. If you feel that the shipping functionality included with OpenCart is lacking, and have determined that your shipping costs will be based on one rate type, then purchasing one of our “lite” shipping extensions will likely provide the functionality you require in your OpenCart store.

Advanced Shipping PRO has the functionality of all of our “lite” shipping extensions combined, plus a few other added features. Exclusive to Advanced Shipping PRO is the ability to assign a shipping image to your rates, as well as assign shipping instructions, both visible in the front end. This allows customers to view an image with their shipping options, as well as any notes or instructions to improve user experience. Another exclusive feature is the ability to set a distance Requirement, restricting your shipping rates to a very specific area (perfect for free local delivery!). In addition, Advanced Shipping PRO seamlessly integrates with Per Product Shipping, and you can even pull in rates from other shipping extensions installed in your OpenCart store.

Since the majority of OpenCart stores have a wide variety of sizes, styles, and types of products, 80% of our shipping extension sales are of Advanced Shipping PRO. When you add in the fact that nobody knows what the future holds, and that most ecommerce entrepreneurs have the desire for their business to grow, Advanced Shipping PRO is the best option for the majority of shop owners; it’s future-proof. No matter how your OpenCart store grows, Advanced Shipping PRO will be able to handle it.

Now that you have a better idea of the difference between our shipping extensions, why not head over to our extension store to learn more about our shipping extensions and to try out a full demo? We’re sure you’ll be blown away! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.