Take your OpenCart shipping to the next level with our shipping strategies

Shipping and ecommerce go hand in hand, and unfortunately for ecommerce entrepreneurs, shipping costs are a leading cause for cart abandonment. We have sold thousands of copies of our shipping extensions, which has given us the opportunity to speak one on one with OpenCart shop owners from all around the world and we have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Every OpenCart store is different, but hopefully one of the following shipping strategies will help to reduce your cart abandonment.

Free Local Delivery

Free local delivery is a fantastic way to encourage customers to shop locally and choose your OpenCart store. Ecommerce allows customers the ability to find an item anywhere in the world, so even if your price isn’t as competitive as your competition’s, saving on shipping and a faster delivery time will encourage customers to choose your store.

PRO Tip: Set up Postal/ZIP Code ranges in Advanced Shipping PRO using our dynamic Requirements system.

Use Live Rates

As any shop owner knows, you have very little control over your shipping costs. By letting customers know that you use live shipping rates, it provides them with peace of mind knowing that there is no markup on shipping; customers pay what the courier charges.

PRO Tip: Integrate Live Rates in Advanced Shipping PRO and use our Dynamic Requirements system to easily set unique shipping parameters for your rates.

Ship Orders Once Weekly

I recently ordered fabric from Wazoodle, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the cost to ship to Canada was cheaper than me shipping to my PO Box across the border (Niagara is very close to the US). With some further investigation, Wazoodle explains that to save on Canadian shipping costs, they ship their Canadian orders once a week. I was more than happy to wait an extra 3 days for my order since it meant I was saving over $15 USD.

PRO Tip: Use the Shipping Instructions in Advanced Shipping PRO to note the day and time orders are shipped.

Wazoodle Fabrics uses a once a week shipping strategy to save their Canadian customers money on shipping costs

Wazoodle Fabrics clearly states their Canadian shipping policy and how it saves their customers money.

Free Shipping

Free shipping allows customers a risk-free way of shopping from your OpenCart store and drastically reduces shopping cart abandonment due to shipping. Depending on the type of product you sell and your order volume, free shipping may be feasible for your OpenCart store. It is very important to take the time to review your inventory and play around with different cart combinations to ensure that a customer attempting to meet your $75 minimum for free shipping does not add a heavy or oversized item to the cart, eliminating your profits on the order.

PRO Tip: Exclude heavy or oversized items using the Requirements system in Advanced Shipping PRO, and use Per Product Shipping to assign shipping costs to these items.


If you run an OpenCart store, shipping will always be a part of your day to day business and a part of every order. Recognizing that your shipping costs can be a leading cause of cart abandonment is the first step in decreasing this number. After reviewing your sales data and creating a plan to improve your store’s shipping, be sure to get a copy of Advanced Shipping PRO to take full control of your shipping costs and put your plan into action.