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There is something that has always confused me about the ecommerce industry; a great deal of shop owners try to cut costs where it matters most. With multiple ecommerce platforms at our fingertips, starting a store has never cost less. With significantly lower start up and operating costs than a brick and mortar store, it always shocks me that more ecommerce entrepreneurs are not taking advantage of this aspect and investing in great, well thought out design and marketing. Instead, they are going the DIY route, and it shows.

If you are starting a business, it is very likely that you have a passion for the type of good you are selling, but this does not mean that your knowledge and the ability to use the internet warrants you capable of designing your own logo, website, or user interface. Is it cheaper to do it yourself? Absolutely. It was also cheaper for my mom to cut my hair growing up, but my crooked bangs and uneven haircut still haunt me when I look at my childhood photos. There is a reason why people go into the design, development and marketing fields; they have a natural ability and interest in design or development. Most importantly, they have the knowledge and experience to do it well.

I was early to accept ecommerce as another means of shopping. This has made me fortunate to be able to experience the ecommerce industry from its very early years to the absolute masterpiece it can be today. Within first glance of a site, I know whether or not a professional was used to design it. I can tell if an ecommerce marketing agency was utilized for SEO purposes, and if a graphic designer was used for store banners. I can gauge the interest the shop owner has in their customer’s experience on their site, or whether they entered the industry expecting a quick payout for minimum investment. These items are all extremely important and make a huge impact on customer perception of your brand.

My professional background has little impact on this reaction. The majority of people are able to feel the impact of great design and a well thought out user experience. The only difference is that their feelings are experienced subconsciously, and they typically do not understand the psychology behind their reactions; they tend to just buy more. The enticement to look further through a site and learn more about what it has to offer is triggered through great design and ease of use. While items such as gauging SEO agency usage is something that only someone who works in the industry will be able to pick up on, it still enforces a large impact on customers; if your site is not search engine friendly, you will not be seen.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, there are tons of challenges you must face every day to move your brand forward and stand out from the competition. One of the best things you can do for your business is start off on the right foot and hire a team of professionals to bring your vision to life. The product knowledge, social media and day to day business operations will be where you shine and what propels your business forward.