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Intuitive Shipping
Shipping and E-Commerce go hand in hand, making a first class shipping extension integral to your OpenCart store. The cumulation of over 5 years developing & perfecting ecommerce shipping solutions, Intuitive Shipping is powerful, flexible and easy to use. Create unlimited shipping rates based on over 15 Rate Types including; cart or product quantity, total, weight, dimensional weight or distance, or integrate Intuitive Shipping with other shipping extensions including FedEx, Royal Mail, and USPS. Our dynamic Requirements system allows you to easily define shipping parameters to fine tune your shipping rates. Experience the simplicity of Intuitive Shipping and check out the full demo, and be sure to contact us with any questions. For even more shipping flexibility, Purchase the Intuitive Shipping + Per Product Shipping Combo Pack today and save 10%!
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Intuitive Shipping + Per Product Shipping Combo Pack
The Intuitive Shipping + Per Product Shipping Combo Pack provides you with unsurpassed shipping flexibility. Intuitive Shipping is extremely flexible and customizable, but “one off” items can be a pain to assign a shipping rate to. With the Combo Pack, you can assign shipping costs directly to those oddly shaped or heavy items in Per Product Shipping, and customize the rest of your shipping needs in OpenCart's top rated shipping extension – Intuitive Shipping. Take a closer look at the Combo Pack by checking out the full demo, and be sure to contact us with any questions.
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Per Product Shipping
Per Product Shipping allows you to create custom shipping rates for each individual product calculated by quantity and geozone. Comparable to eBay’s and Etsy’s shipping system, Per Product Shipping allows you to set shipping costs per product and set separate shipping costs for additional quantities of each product to help drive your units per transaction. This OpenCart extension also features an Import / Export tool that allows you to quickly and easily setup shipping rates and create backups. We offer a full demo above so you can be sure this OpenCart extension offers the functionality you are looking for. For even more flexibility, Purchase the Intuitive Shipping + Per Product Shipping Combo Pack today and save $7.00!
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OpenCart Addons is Canada’s leading extension developer & OpenCart’s official Canadian support partner. With over 5 years of experience in OpenCart development, we have helped thousands of OpenCart shop owners tailor OpenCart to their unique needs. You can purchase our extensions with peace of mind knowing that they are backed by our unparalleled customer service and hundreds of five-star reviews.


Introducing Our Community Support Hub

We've had a few requests lately for a place where customers can share their shipping setups using our advanced shipping extensions, as well as a general community support portal where you can see solutions to real problems. We have listened to your requests and are happy to announce our new Commu …

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