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Add To Cart Button Redirect
Add to Cart Button Redirect is the solution for selling affiliate products, allowing you to override your Add to Cart button and have it link to an external site. The redirect works on all standard OpenCart pages and modules and the ability to define the redirect button name, or leave it as "Add To Cart" allows you customize this extension to suit your store’s needs. We offer a full demo above so you can ensure Add to Cart Button Redirect has the functionality you are looking for.
Based on 11 reviews.
Customer Order History Tab
This OpenCart modification creates a new tab in the customer edit page in the administrator's panel that displays a list of the customer's orders.
Based on 6 reviews.
Generate Coupon Code
This modification creates a new button that allows you to generate a random 8 character alphanumeric coupon code. 
Orders List Purchased Products
Orders List Purchased adds a key feature to OpenCart by adding a “Purchased Products” column to your dashboard and orders page. With the ability to search for products in the Purchased Products list and to filter the list based on product, you will wonder how you ever used OpenCart without this extension! Try out our demo so you can see how Orders List Purchased Products is what you’ve been missing in your OpenCart store!
Based on 8 reviews.
Product Images Combo Pack
Our Product Images combo pack addresses the need for images in key areas of the front and back end of OpenCart. Improve customer experience by adding product images to the checkout page, order confirmation email, and order history. Save time and stay organized in the admin panel by including product images in the orders page and invoice. Save 55% by purchasing our full suite of Product Image modules in a convenient combo pack!  
Product Images In Admin Order History
This modification displays products images on the order view/edit page.
Product Images In Checkout
This modification displays products images on the order confirmation page.
Product Images In Customer Order History
This modification displays products images on the customer order history page.
Product Images In Email
This modification displays products images in the order confirmation email.
Based on 1 reviews.
Product Images In Invoice
This modification displays products images in the order invoice.
Based on 1 reviews.
Sort Shipping Methods
Choose how shipping methods are sorted during checkout.


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