Intuitive Shipping & Per Product Shipping Integration

Integrating Intuitive Shipping and Per Product Shipping creates the ultimate shipping solution for OpenCart. Intuitive Shipping is a powerhouse shipping extension that is extremely flexible and customizable, but the “one off” items can be a pain to assign a shipping rate to. By integrating Intuitive Shipping and Per Product Shipping, you can assign shipping costs directly to those oddly shaped or heavy items in Per Product Shipping, and customize the rest of your shipping needs in Intuitive Shipping. 

How to integrate Intuitive Shipping with Per Product Shipping

  1. Purchase a copy of Intuitive Shipping & Per Product Shipping
  2. Complete the installation steps for both extensions as per the included installation manual
  3. Set up your Per Product Shipping costs
  4. Set the Per Product Shipping Status to disabled. This prevents redundant shipping charges from appearing during checkout.
  5. Access Intuitive Shipping and enable Per Product Shipping Integration under the settings tab.
  6. Set up your Intuitive Shipping rates.

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