Rate Setup Tutorial

Rate Setup

This page goes into detail on how to format the rates in my Shipping and Discounts/Fees extensions.

Rate Formats

There are a couple valid rate formats available:

  • Flat Rate - max:cost
  • Flat Rate(%) - max:cost%
  • Per Unit - max:cost/per
  • Rate Fee - +fee (Added to end of rate formula)

You can use any combination of rate formats in the rate field to calculate the shipping cost.

Flat Rate:

Example Settings
Shipping Charges:
1 to 5 Products = $5.00
5 to 10 Products = $12.00
10 to 20 Products = $25.00
20+ Products = $50.00
Rate Type: Quantity
Final Cost: Single
Rates: 5:5.00, 10:12.00, 20:25.00, ~:50.00

Flat Rate(%):

Example Settings
Shipping Charges:
$0.00 to $100.00 = $5.00
$100.00 to $200.00 = $35.00
$200.00 to $300.00 = $55.00
$300.00+ = 20% of Total + $35.00 Fee
Rate Type: Total
Final Cost: Single
Rates: 100:5.00, 200:35.00, 300:55.00, ~:20%+35.00

Per Unit:

Example Settings
Shipping Charges:
$5.00 per kg
Rate Type: Weight
Final Cost: Single
Rates: ~:5.00/1

Combination Of Rate Formats:

Example Settings
Shipping Charges:
0kg to 1kg = $5.00
1kg to 5kg = $10.00
5kg to 10kg = $20.00
$2.50 Per Additional kg
Rate Type: Weight
Final Cost: Single
Rates: 1:5.00, 5:10.00, 10:20.00, ~:2.50/1


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